5-6 February, 2024
Hotel Continental Moscow
5-6 February, 2024
A forum dedicated to hotel construction and management is claiming to become the premier industry event of the year
On 5−6 February, the first Arch & Hotels Forum was held at the Hotel Continental. It was attended by more than 300 leading hoteliers, investors and developers, government officials, architects, material suppliers and manufacturers. The Forum, dedicated to hotel construction and management, is bidding to become the industry’s flagship event of the year.

The Forum was held at a very important time for the hospitality industry. The restriction of outbound tourism caused a significant growth of tourist flow domestically in Russia; this stimulated a sharp increase in investment in the hospitality industry.
The area of tourism has been identified by the state as one of the development priorities, and a large-scale programme of state subsidies for the construction of hotels is underway. The hospitality industry is developing rapidly, and against this background, the value of communication platforms for dialogue between authorities and development institutions and private businesses, investors and professional players in this market is growing tremendously.
Opinions of organisers and experts
  • "The number of hotels under construction is on the rise, and investor interest is high. Moreover, a lot of non-core investors are coming into the industry. We tried to make the Forum as useful as possible for the participants, and that is why one of its ideas is to "walk" together with the investor through the whole way of establishing a hotel. From concept and design to hotel construction and management," says Gennady Noskov, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Design Industry Professionals, one of the Forum organisers, -- "During the two days, we tried together with leading industry specialists to consistently analyse all emerging problems, offer solutions and show the best practices of the industry. Based on the feedback from the Forum participants, we managed to do it."
    Gennady Noskov
    Chairman of the Board of the Association of Design Industry Professionals, one of the Forum organisers
  • "The niche of a professional event dedicated to hotel development and management was empty for certain reasons, and we decided to occupy it. Our idea is to create a platform for communication uniting government agencies, financial institutions, developers, investors and architects," says Stanislav Ivashkevich, Managing Partner of Ivashkevich Hospitality, "Interest in the topic of hotel development is extremely high today. We received so many applications for the Forum that we even had to limit the number of participants."
    Stanislav Ivashkevich
    Managing Partner of Ivashkevich Hospitality, one of the Forum organisers
  • The establishment of our discussion platform will not just allow us to address the industry’s problems but also to join forces with the authorities. It is essential to generate new meanings, attract the public and raise the prestige of the hotelier’s profession," emphasised Alexey Volkov, President of the All-National Union of the Hospitality Industry.
    Alexey Volkov
    President of the All-National Union of the Hospitality Industry
The Forum attracted a very representative mix of participants
Among them are general directors of the largest Russian hotel chains (Azimut Hotels, Cosmos Hotel Group, Hotel Management, Alean Collection), representatives of authorities and state development institutions (Corporation Tourism. RF, Dom. RF Bank, ProGorod (VEB.RF)), general managers of leading hotels, well-known consultants, architects and designers, general contractors, material suppliers and service providers. This diversity of speakers offered participants the opportunity to receive the most detailed expertise on a wide range of issues.
The Forum was characterised by "live" discussions and the most open-to-everyone environment possible. There were polarised views on several issues, such as the prospects for the hotel market in Russia and the extensive expansion of the country’s hotel room capacity. The suggested ideas will be "packaged" into a resolution and handed over to the relevant authorities, which will make it possible to "expand" the bottlenecks in the investment process.
The informal slogan of the Forum was
Turn to professionals!
The emergence of a large number of non-core investors in the hospitality industry is reshaping its landscape. More new ideas are generated, but the number of mistakes is also going up: they are difficult to avoid when implementing the first project to create such a complex object as a hotel. The Forum helped us not only to show the best Russian cases but also to demonstrate to investors new approaches to hotel construction.

One of the ideas is to build multifunctional complexes combining a traditional hotel and service apartments. This "mix" reduces the payback period for hotel projects by several years.
One more approach is to create hotel infrastructure by attracting external professional operators. For example, this scheme can be used to build thermae — an infrastructural hit of the last two years — as part of hotel projects. The involvement of an external operator helps to solve a whole range of problems: to leverage the power of the operators' brands and attract a loyal audience, and above all, to reduce the developer’s risks and save his money by using the operator’s funds.
Arch & Hotels Forum 2024
The Forum organisers would like to thank the Partners for their support:
KADO — General Partner — a reliable supplier of professional solutions for textile design and sun protection.
Technoflot — Titular Partner — expert design and equipment of various formats of culinary spaces, a comprehensive approach to the implementation of catering technology in hotels and restaurants.
PM-HOTEL — Strategic Partner, the company whose furniture adorned the Forum — is the largest and most technologically advanced contract furniture production in Eastern Europe.
AM-group is an exclusive distributor of Italian sanitary ware with a large warehouse in Russia and its own logistics and dealer network.
ORMATEK offers professional sleeping solutions for inns, hotels, holiday homes and boarding houses.
PROF EQUIP — comprehensive provision of hotels for restaurants, laundries and dry cleaners with equipment, textiles and professional chemicals.
ANS Engineering — turnkey installation of GRMS (Guest Room Management Systems) for hotels, complex automation.
FINEX — Russian manufacturer of premium-class wooden flooring, joinery and décor.
NEW HORIZONS — centre for the development of recreational areas — design and construction of tourism infrastructure.
We would also like to thank our special partners LUDING, Julius Meinl and KRAY ZEMLI for providing drinks for the Forum participants and Hotel Continental for their hospitality